Hydraulic Analyzer of Sprinkler Systems

Take your calculations to the next level

HASS (Hydraulic Analyzer of Sprinkler Systems) was developed by mathematicians and registered professional engineers and was first licensed in 1976 as a tool for easy use by engineers, sprinkler contractors and reviewers, and still leads the industry in calculations over 40 years later!

HASS gives you the tools you need to determine water supply adequacy based on system demand and distribution piping. With HASS, you can perform hydraulic analysis in accordance with NFPA 13, 13D, 13R, 14, 15, 20, 24, 750 and other standards, calculating any connection of nodes and pipes. And you receive major revisions at least annually; improvements or new features at no extra charge for the duration of the license period.


More than calculations

For gridded systems, the Grid Estimator gives proposed sizes and automatically generates node and pipe data. Similarly, the Tree Generator gives node and pipe data using the ordinary hazard piping schedule or uses pipe sizes you specify.

When you use the System Builder, you can combine pipe segments into branch lines, locate cross mains and riser nipples, then let the System Builder automatically generate node and pipe data; ideal for more complex piping arrangements such as multiple cross main grids. In each of these cases, the Pipe-to-Source Option lets you tie the system to the source before generating data.

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