HASS 2021 is out now!

HASS 2021 can optimize your project and automatically correct many design issues, saving you time and money.

Accuracy you can trust since 1976

The HASS family of fire protection and hydraulic calculation software is based on our in-depth knowledge of engineering, software development, and codes and standards.

HASS is great for:


Powerful features

Time Saving

Enter data for large multiple crossmain grid in 15 minutes.

Darcy Weisbach

Lets you calculate water mist systems (NFPA 750), foam concentrate and other liquids.

Water Hammer

Analyze water hammer resulting from rapid deceleration of water flow in pipes.

Fire Pump Test

Compare baseline, historical and current pump test results and print a report.

Underground Loop Analysis

Assure no obstructions, with pre-planning, performance (valve operations), and historic results comparisons.

Installation Options

Installation options for MSI/remote installations and for computer systems that never have internet access. Please contact us for details.

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Please reach out to us for any questions regarding our software, sales, or partnerships.

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