Carbon Dioxide System Analyzer

Take your calculations to the next level

COOSA is a computer program for the design or review of CO2 fire suppression systems. Calculations are based on two phase flow through balanced and unbalanced steel piping systems in accordance with NFPA 12. For high or low pressure, total flooding or local application of CO2, piping is sized automatically or manually.

In the last few years we have seen a resurgence of CO2 as the agent of choice for many systems. CO2 piping systems for local or total flooding applications are relatively simple radial arrangements supplied by a group of cylinders (high pressure) or a refrigerated tank (low pressure). Discharge is through nozzles having orifice sizes calculated to meter the proper release of CO2.


WARNING: CO2 Systems produce lethal concentrations of gas when used for fire suppression. NFPA 12 recommendations must be followed to reduce system and related hazards.

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