HASS 2021

Automate your workflow.

HASS 2021 can optimize your project and automatically correct many design issues, saving you time and money.


Need an extra set of eyes to look over your calculations? HASS can now automatically optimize your system around parameters you control.

HASS can automatically resize pipes to reduce system cost.


Fix it

Does your system fail to meet minimum requirements? In many cases, HASS can automatically adjust pipe sizes in order to meet requirements.

Common problems HASS automation can help with:

  • Don’t know if you need a pump? Let HASS help!
  • Need an extra set of eyes to look over your calc? Let HASS help!
  • Wondering if you should up size the mains, the branch lines, or both? Let HASS help!
  • Can’t get the safety factor required? Let HASS help!
  • Want to get as close to the required safety factor as possible? Let HASS help!
  • Want to quickly get the optimal system as quickly as possible? Let HASS help!

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