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HRS Systems, Inc.

The HASS Family of Fire Protection Software


About HRS Systems

HRS Systems, Inc. is a dynamic fire protection software development company which was organized in 1976 and has been operating continually in the development and upgrading of fire protection engineering software by registered engineers and mathematicians. Our goal is to provide the most reliable fire protection software available worldwide.

Accuracy of the fire protection system's calculations and results are our primary focus, with ease of data entry and attention to user experience ranking a close second. Licensed software holders receive program updates at least once a year, often introducing new features at no extra charge, continually enhancing the initial investment of the software purchase and licensing. Additionally, updates include corrections to any known difficulties within the software. Many of these added features or corrections have resulted from user comments and requests which are highly encouraged.


Useful Links

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Society of Fire Protection Engineers


HRS Systems, Inc.
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